Attilus Caviar opens a shop in Central London's Marylebone

Attilus Caviar Opens a shop in London

Anyone in London who appreciates the finest caviar will be excited to learn that Attilus Caviar has opened a new retail outlet in the British capital.

The shop is located in central Marylebone (92 York Street). Visit the new shop to taste a range of superb caviar, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and chat with our knowledgeable consultants who can guide you in making the best choice from our premium selection. 

At Attilus we are firmly committed to raising the finest sturgeon to be found in the world. Using eco-friendly and sustainable methods that ensure the health and vitality of our sturgeon, we produce exquisite “black pearls” which inspire leading chefs and thrill the palates of international connoisseurs.

Apart from our traditional range of Russian, Siberian and, of course, Beluga Caviar, in our brand new gourmet boutique you can find exquisite truffle products, smoked fish, amazing accessories and much more.

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